August 9, 2022


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German firefighter escapes flood: “Dead man saves my life”

The floods also hit Germany. In the intervention a firefighter was crucified in a grave without drowning.

German firefighter Friedhelm Jacobs, 59, was on site to help flood victims in the Rhineland-Palatinate. He was struck by electricity. Six hours later the rescue team arrived with a diabetic vehicle to rescue him. Story Report Last message.

On July 14, he volunteered at Ahrwheeler. In particular, he was a colleague who warned people of impending disaster. He and his colleague then went to a storage room. They had to take care quickly due to the rising water. In a few minutes, he explains, they already had knee-deep water.

Find shelter in a cemetery

The two decided to climb the wall near the cemetery for safety. Friedhelm Jacobs says: “ The wall was 2.50 meters high and 60 cm thick and we thought nothing would happen to us “. The water level continued to rise and reached the height of the wall. The latter collapsed.

His colleague was able to climb a tree, while Friedhelm Jacobs stuck to a branch. The two set up a pattern with their coats to make it easier to catch the tree. After a few hours, the night will fall and fatigue will catch up with them. It is at this moment that Friedhelm Jacobs sees a stone cross emerging from the water, which is a tomb.

Pay respect

Friedhelm Jacobs did not hesitate, he saw him floating on the surface of a tree, threw himself on it and went to catch the cross. The two firefighters had to wait all night before seeing help coming early in the morning. Rescuers in diabetic vehicles came to pick them up.

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Today the water has receded and the city reports the damage caused by the floods. In the tomb, there is nothing more than this 19th century stone cross. Friedhelm Jacobs explained that the person buried under the cross was his “savior.” The man wants to pay homage to him. The tomb is the tomb of Albert Grossberg, who died 100 years ago. To conclude this wonderful story, Friedhelm Jacobs declared: “ I want to call my grandson Albert, I can already tell .