December 8, 2022


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Germany: Injured in a train stabbing attack in Bavaria

One suspect has been arrested.

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BLocal police say several people have been injured in the arrest of a man who allegedly stabbed a ICE train on Saturday in Bavaria, southern Germany.

“According to initial reports, many were injured,” Newmark in der Oberfalls (Bavaria) police said in a statement, “no more danger.”

At least three people were injured, two of them seriously, the popular newspaper reported Picture. None of the injured were in danger of death, however, a local police spokesman told AFP, warning law enforcement had been alerted by 9 p.m.

Police said one person was arrested in this case without further details. Would have acted alone.

The high-speed ICE train stopped at Seubersdorf station between Nuremberg and Regensburg in the south of the country.

Heavy police security was put in place at the scene.

Germany has faced a double threat of terrorism, jihadi and right-wing extremists in recent years.

There have been several attacks since 2015. On June 25, three people were killed and five wounded when a man stabbed them in Somalia. In Wூர்rzburg, southern Germany.

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