October 7, 2022


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Giants-Titans Kudos & Wet Willies: Celebrating a surprise victory on Monday

Giants-Titans Kudos & Wet Willies: Celebrating a surprise victory on Monday

I know you are still celebrating the amazing events of Sunday 21-20 surprise victory on your hand New York Giants Over the Tennessee Titans. So, let’s help celebrate along with the traditional “Kudos & Wet Willies” on this Victory Monday.

Glory to…

Brian Double – Daboll’s era got off to a great start with a surprising victory on the road against a very good team from Tennessee State. The Giants gave the rookie coach a game ball after his first win in his career as head coach.

The most important thing on Sunday? We’ve learned that trusting his players isn’t just something Daboll says. He’s actually willing to do it, be aggressive, take games into their own hands and let them win – or lose -. his players Liked it.

There was what I heard referred to as “F, yes energy” about the Giants on Sunday night. This is definitely a credit to the head coach.

Sachon Barkley – Barkley warned all of his off-season critics that he’s back at being Sakon Barkley, and he took a huge step on Sunday towards showing it off. Barkley ran for 164 yards, the third highest total of his career. He had 68 yards and 33 yards, both when the Giants needed big plays. He had a 4 yard landing run. It averaged 9.1 yards per load. He had six receptions. He made a nice move to score game-winning points with a two-point conversion that seemed to be the Titans defender in position to stop.

Sterling Shepard – On his comeback from a torn Achilles last December, Shepard got a 65-yard touchdown pass from Daniel Jones. He played 43 shots, which is the second largest wide receiver for the Giants. On several occasions, he threw his 5’10, 201-pound tire into the fight to snag Barkley. Welcome back, Shep!

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Richie James – Want an unexpected star of the game? James must have it. Play 42 snaps on attack. He’s had five assists in six goals for 42 yards, the most assists by anyone other than Barkley. The only drawback of his day was the drop in a tricky low final quarter throw by Jones. James has shot returns of 18 and 17 yards, averaging 12.4 yards overall on five returns.

Giants Defense Giants Derek Henry held to 82 yards in 21 coaches (3.9 yards per attempt). After giving up an early landing on a short field, the Wink Martindale crew only allowed 13 points. The Giants didn’t quite stop the Tennessee in the final drive of the game — a 47-yard field goal is one of those NFL players should do often in good conditions — but their overall effort ended up being good enough.

I have a hard time identifying individual defensive players from this game, though Jehad Ward (six tackles) and Auchan Siemens (six tackles, two hitters, two defensive passes) play hard. So did Ty Crowder (seven tackles, including a hard-hit that made Henry fly).

Crowder and Austin Calitro were both burned for touchdown passes by Titans’ Dontrell Hilliard. There were some unfortunate punishments in high school.

Overall, though, a high quality effort.

Wet Willies to…

kick cover – The Giants gave up a 46-yard penalty that prepared the Titans’ first touchdown. They gave up a 52-yard kickoff that was overruled by a Tennessee penalty.

The Giants struggled to cover kicks during pre-season. The Special Teams Coordinator, Thomas McGahee, has downplayed the issue due to staff use and a lack of hiring plans. Well, the struggle has continued into the regular season. McGaughey needs to fix it.

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Coyles for…

Daniel Jones – Jones completed 17 passes out of 21, a career best rate of 81 percent with a touchdown pass. Jones’ passing rating of 115.9 was the best since the 2019 rookie season. He ran for 25 yards.

Daboll said he thinks Jones played a “great game.”

“He took care of the ball most of the time. But most importantly, it was the accuracy of making good decisions to lead the team down to score points when we needed it,” Daboll said.

There were drawbacks. Jones threw in a poor interception in the fourth quarter, attempting to force Barkley into a back-shoulder throw in the end zone that Tennessee State’s Amani Hooker intercepted, eliminating a potential game-related campaign. He also lost in confusion over a tape sack as the blame really fell on rookie guard Joshua Izudo, who was beaten cleanly in a play by Jeffrey Simmons of Tennessee.

Daboll’s reaction to Jones’ objection was perhaps the most informative. He immediately went to the middle on the lateral line. Here is how Daboll narrated the conversation.

“I just said what you were going to see. He thought he could potentially bear it. And I said, ‘That’s not what I saw, but you’ve got the ball in your hands, so you’ll get the ball back at some point.'” Our defense will reach you. Let’s go down and get him again.”

Daboll may not have been happy with Jones’ decision, and certainly wasn’t happy with the play’s outcome, but he left the quarterback with a positive message. In the end, the quarterback delivered 12 games, and 73 yards in the closing moments.

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offensive line – I don’t know yet what the Pro Football Focus scores will be, but there have been ups and downs on the streak.

Five bags are allowed, including one Simmons tape bag. However, to the streak’s credit, only one of those sacks came in the second half.

Andrew Thomas was solid, and the initial PFF review had allowed Evan Neal to hold just one press in 31 shots to block a pass.

There were problems inside, which is where we expected most conflicts to come from.

Izudo, who played 28 shots while turning at the left guard with Ben Bradison (32 shots), gave up the choppy sack. He’s struggled at other times, but he’s also done some great work to make way for Barkley. Breadison appears to have been pushed back into Jones’ lap on several occasions.

Mark Glowinsky was a penalty kick. I’m curious to see the PFF scores for Center John Feliciano. Without taking a second look at the match, I thought he struggled at times – especially early in the game.

In general, the ban was encouraging. So was the fact that the early passing blocking issues did not persist until the later stages of the game.