August 13, 2022


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Giulia and her sister Alessia make one last call to their dad before being hit by a train

After partying all night at a nightclub in Ricionne, Giulia and Alessia, two teenage girls aged 17 and 15, phoned their father to say they would be home soon.

Both the sisters went to the station to go home around 6.50 am on Sunday. But several witnesses saw them getting dangerously close to the tracks. Giulia passed first before her sister joined her. “We shouted at them to get out of there,” said one witness.

The driver of the Milan-bound DGV could do nothing to stop the train. Both sisters were dragged several hundred meters. It is not known exactly why Giulia and Alessia went on the rails, but the most common hypothesis is that they wanted to cross the rails.

Their father Vittorio is devastated: “They are my life,” he said. The mayor of Castenazzo, Carlo Gubellini, offered his support to the family: “The whole community of Castenazzo is concerned about the parents, relatives and friends. Giulia and Alessia, you left us too soon.

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