The YSL gang indictment It’s one of the streaks we didn’t expect to see unfold this year, though thug youth And jonah Among the many members concluded in 56 cases involving RICO’s charges, among others, are still Receive lots of love from friends and fans.

During one of the initial press conferences, the Fulton County DA made it clear that she and other prosecutors were expecting it ‘Many’ of the people involved are likely to face life sentences. At the same time, it was revealed that Juna – born Sergio Kitchens – was Not in custody, instead, arrangements have been made With the sheriff’s office.

Michael Tolberg / Getty Images

Since his mugshot picture surfaced online, we know that this 28-year-old is now in custody, and according to TMZHe spent his last few hours in the free world checking in with his family and making sure his business was in order.

Sources revealed to the outlet that it was important to her jonah To see his mother and others close to him – “He’s big in the family,” they explained. It has also been noted that the file DS4EVER The hitmaker had been hoping to release the music video for “Banking On Me” in the near future, and wanted to connect his endings with other projects before taking himself to prison.

Lawyers for the Atlanta citizen assert his innocence and are “attacking the police for using his lyrics against him” in the indictment. Before giving up, the rapper is said to have met with his legal team one last time to make sure they’re all on the same page.

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