October 7, 2022


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Haider, a nine-year-old boy, died after being trapped in a well in Afghanistan since Tuesday

Anas Haqqani, a senior adviser to the Interior Ministry, tweeted that the baby, named Haider, had “left us forever”. “This is another day of grief and sorrow for our country,” he added.

Haider has confirmed on Twitter that he is “no longer with us”, Abdullah Assam, Deputy Prime Minister’s Secretary Abdul Ghani Bharat.

Rescuers on Friday morning found a baby boy who had fallen at the foot of a ditch in the village of Shokak in the province of Jabul, 400 km southwest of the capital Kabul.

Ahmadullah Wasik, a deputy spokesman for the Taliban government, had previously indicated that he was still alive when they came to his side, but that his condition was “not good” and that he should be “treated on the spot.”

The crash is reminiscent of a 5-year-old boy who fell to the ground in a dry well in Morocco in early February and was found dead after five days of relentless efforts by rescuers. The tragedy caused considerable emotion, multiplying on social networks, Morocco and around the world.

Haider’s grandfather, Haji Abdul Hadi, 50, of AFP, said the latter fell into a ditch when adults in a drought-hit village tried to “help” dig a new well.

According to official sources, the child slipped into this 25 meter deep pit and was trapped there before being pulled to a depth of about ten meters with the help of a rope.

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Rescue crews dug a large sloping trench in the ground to reach the place where he was trapped. But, they were forced to proceed with caution as they approached the spine, and then they slowed their efforts by the rocky terrain.