February 2, 2023


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Hard blow for skiers: Half of French ski slopes are closed

“We started the Christmas holidays with good conditions following cold and snow waves, but since last weekend, moderate weather and rain have led to the closure of half of the slopes,” explained AFP’s Laurent Reynaud. General Representative of DSF.

The Southern Alps, where three-quarters of the slopes are open, and the Northern Alps, especially the Savoy, are less penalized, but in other massifs, such as the Pyrenees (a quarter of the slopes are open), the Vosges or the Jura (less than a quarter of the slopes are open), the situation is more alarming.

Therefore, many resorts such as La Pierre-Saint-Martin (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse/Le Planolet (Isère), Semnoz (Haute-Savoie), Le Tanet (Vosges) or Croix de Bauzon (Massif Central) Had to shut down their domains in recent days.

On the other hand, Mr. Reynaud notes that “most resorts in the Southern Alps are operating at full capacity, such as Maureen, Tarentise or Ouzans”.

“We are worried, the ingredient is missing. There is concern in maintaining the reservations, time will tell how much the situation will affect them,” said Jean-Luc Boch, president of the National Association of Mountain Resorts, for his part. Mayors (ANMSM).

“Although last year’s season was good, the non-opening two years ago due to the Covid pandemic has already left its mark. Conditions should turn favorable again for the approximately 400,000 people living in mountain operations,” he stressed.

“We see more difficulties at the beginning of December, and the snow falls more and more high up, on the north-facing slopes. This climate imbalance has led us to adapt with artificial snow but also by creating new ‘other. Measures’, pleads the mayor of La Blacone Tarrantise, whose area is protected by a relative lack of snow. .

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