November 26, 2022


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“He has no intention of killing her.”

Facts It happened on July 22 at a house in the village of Suez in northern France. That day, as announced The Voice of the NorthA 36-year-old mother, Dolphin Palline, has died in emergency services. Thirty years old she died of serious injuries.

As his position allowed, he was taken into police custody, at which point he stated that he had no intention of killing his former campaigner. This Saturday, he was charged with murder and aggravated assault; He was later remanded in pre-trial custody for fraudulent checks, theft in the legislature, contempt and insurrection and a person known to the court for crimes of 2009 and 2020, never convicted of acts of violence.

The autopsy and the suspect’s investigation supported the case of the woman’s murder. In addition, the victim filed two handcuffs with Som Gendermary in March, but it was about the separation of the couple and the custody of the children.

The mother leaves behind four children aged 6 to 18; An administrator appointed by the Aras Attorney’s Office is responsible for overseeing the juvenile, while the juvenile is forced to manage the funeral.

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