January 30, 2023


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He was a minister in Afghanistan and he became a bicycle distributor in Germany

We called him Minister 4 years ago. We call it today … by home food order processor. Syed Sadat as Minister of Communications in Afghanistan also changed his attire with a helmet, orange suit and cube-shaped bag, which became the symbol of the bicycle supply men. He explores his new reception land: the city of Leipzig in Germany.

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Syed Sadat was the Minister of Communications in Afghanistan from 2016 to 2018

Syed Sadat became a bicycle delivery boy while waiting to learn German. © Reuters

If his relatives criticize him for this new hat (or new helmet), the 49-year-old will not budge: a job is a job. “I don’t have to feel guilty He speaks into the Reuters microphone. I hope other policies will follow in my footsteps (Or follow in his footsteps) By working with people rather than covering up. “

A job is a job

A graduate in IT and telecommunications, Saeed Sadat still hopes to find a future in this field. To make it easier, his diploma must be recognized, which is not always an easy task in Europe. But he speaks German. I got this job while waiting to master the Goethe language. He takes four hours of lessons at a language school each day before serving food for six hours.

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If you have some knowledge of German language, Syed Sadat can provide food to your home. He hopes to be able to master the Goethe language enough to work in a qualified profession in a few months. © Reuters

“I’m proud of this job. I could have been a corrupt minister. I could have earned millions of dollars and bought buildings, hotels or Dubai. I do not have to work. But I’m proud of my soul. I have no reason to feel guilty.”Sadat, who also holds British citizenship, said.

I am proud of this work

His story made headlines in the media with the turmoil that ruled the country in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power. More and more Afghans are leaving the country following the announcement of the US withdrawal. Since the beginning of the year, the number of asylum seekers in Afghanistan has increased by 130%.

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