November 30, 2022


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“He will be preceded by a Liberal Democrat candidate.”

The tensions within MR were unforgettable. “The Crook affair” continues to create waves within the party. In an interview with the DH on Monday evening, Denise Ducarme, the federal deputy who lost to Georges-Louise Bouches during the party’s presidential election in late 2019, announced that she was already thinking about the regime. The post of party leader ends at 2023.

“I promise to continue to uphold the more popular, democratic values, towards equal opportunities, towards the neutrality of the state and the preservation of purchasing power. Values ​​that are always carried by the liberal current. I would like to take a date and tell them that when the order of Georges-Louis Bouchez expires, there will be a candidate with a liberal-democratic or liberal-social background. ” Will Denise Ducarme be the candidate? “It could be someone else. We’ve decided together,” he replied.

The former Union Minister did not share some of his presidency. “MR is not a right-wing movement, it is always a movement from center to right,” Denise Ducarme explains to our colleagues.

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