May 20, 2022


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Health Pass or European Digital Govt Certificate: Everything you need to know to go on vacation is here

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable, but Covit-19 is still in poor circulation in Belgium and Europe. To travel freely, you must go through the European Health Pass or Digital Govt Certificate. As a reminder, this application makes it possible to show white foot to enter a country in the EU by demonstrating a full vaccine, acquired immunity following infection, or a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours. This Wednesday, the application will be available in Belgium, but many questions still arise on the practical side. We have found almost all the answers.

How to get the app?

It is available in the App Store, Google Play and Android Market. The application is called “Kovitsofi” and is apparently free and available in four languages: French, Dutch, German and English. For example, you will need your ID card to connect to it via the Itzme application. Just like the applications for booking air tickets, we will find a wallet there. Enough to upload the required documents such as vaccination certificates, immunity or proof of a negative PCR test.

What if we do not have internet?

Do not be nervous. Documents on the Masanté.be site can already be downloaded in PDF format. Every Belgian can link to it to verify their vaccination data, but also check the results of previous Govt tests. Also, you may consult other analytical results such as blood tests. You can download these PDF documents on your smartphone or in paper form.

What if we do not have internet?

A call center (a number we do not yet know) will be set up and all of these documents will be mailed.

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Now and between July 1st, how can you be sure you will not be in trouble?

Keep in mind that from July 1 all European countries will be ready and Belgium, like other countries, will begin a test phase on Wednesday. By July 1, it is recommended that some countries download and / or print PDF documents as the application and the QR codes it generates cannot be read

What is the deadline for obtaining the document?

A negative PCR test after laboratory analysis is available at masanté.be 1h30 and is valid for three days. Vaccination certificate is available the next day for the second dose. But beware, it takes two weeks for you to be fully vaccinated (four weeks for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, author’s note). With regard to the immunization certificate, it is available 11 days after a positive PCR test and is valid for 180 days or 6 months.

What about our personal data? Are they protected?

Regional authorities manage the data and they do not send it to other European countries. “The EU Digital Govt Certificate contains essential information such as name, date of birth, date of issue, relevant vaccine / test / recovery information and a personal identifier. This data is on the certificate and was not placed in another member state at the time of its verification. Certificates contain only a certain amount of required information. This information cannot be stored by visited countries. Only the validity and authenticity of the certificate is verified, verifying who issued and signed it. All health data is available to member states that have issued the EU Digital COVID Certification”, Refers to the European Commission.

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Who can deny boarding or access to a foreign country?

Only the police have the power to refuse boarding from Belgium or once the target has been reached. Only an airline or board staff can verify that you have completed a PLF (Passenger Location, Editor’s Note) document. In Belgium, kiosks for scanning air tickets should have the same role as scanning the QR codes of the app.

Still have questions? Belgian officials launch a major communications campaign on Wednesday.