October 7, 2022


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Heckling Visit, middle finger, campaign in front of Zemorin in confusion

Without meeting, a difficult visit that ends with the middle finger. Eric Jemmour, a far-right policymaker, is set to announce his presidential candidate in the coming days, ending his pre-campaign in turmoil.

The AFP photo caused a stir after Eric Gemmore visited Marseille on Saturday. As he was leaving a restaurant where he had lunch, a passerby gave him his middle finger. The writer – who could announce his candidacy on Tuesday or Wednesday, responded with the same gesture by confirming – “And very deepAccording to the AFP photographer who attended the scene, under the funny gaze of his mentor Sarah Nafo.

A “Intuitive gesture“That Eric Zemmer”Consider“, Protects his entourage from comparing this gesture”casse-toi pauv ‘con“It was started in February 2008 by a farmer who refused to shake hands with President Nicolas Sarkozy. But Eric Zemor’s entourage did not want this gesture to answer the question of whether he was president.”Of course it makes one come true“, We insisted.”He told us, ‘They insult me, they give me a finger, I answer for money’“.

In 2018, Eric Gemmore commented on RTL on a photo of a young man creating a middle finger with President Emmanuel Macron. “An index guillotine“M. Macron”Insulted (…) so France was humiliated“, He explained.

Living together in our country is not the first name problem. It is a problem of behavior and how to liveHughes Renson, vice-president of the National Assembly’s LREM, responded: “This episode adds to the difficulties that Eric Jemmur faced at the end of his previous campaign, which began with a lecture tour, which now looks like meetings and opinion polls.

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With stagnant or falling referendums (12% and 17% in the first round), as in London or Geneva, the rooms failed, and a weak system of domestic criticism, the debater failed to succeed in his travels. On Friday, he alighted from a train in Aix-en-Provence instead of Marseille, where protesters were waiting for him.

In the afternoon, he wandered for less than 15 minutes in the Banier district under the cries of protesters: “Zemmour Breakdown, Marseille Against RacismHis tour of the old harbor was canceled on Saturday.