December 8, 2022


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Henry’s heroic gesture as he sacrifices his vehicle to save the driver who lost consciousness without stopping the car

This Friday, as he was driving down the A28 highway and preparing to reach his home for the weekend, Henry Demmermans, who lives in the small village of Nunspeed in the north of the Netherlands, suddenly saw a car behaving strangely.

“I soon realized that the driver had lost consciousness,” he told Omrope Gerlderland. The problem was that his vehicle, the polo shirt, did not stop. Put your foot on the accelerator? Is cruise control enabled? We do not know yet. “But I understood that the safety train was not going to stop it …”, says Henry.

The latter had the heroic idea of ​​sacrificing his vehicle. He picked up speed, put on the brakes and climbed in front of the crazy car. Then there was a collision between two vehicles, with the help of another motorist who came from behind (filmed its dashcam scene), and Henry finally succeeded in stopping the car.

The two drivers sped off to see what was happening: “The driver vomited. I felt a throb in his neck so I was reassured, ”said our hero of the day.

Soon Henry received a phone call from the driver’s daughter and husband. She survived, but broke five ribs from the shock.

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