June 27, 2022


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Her photo spread around the world: A young pregnant woman who was injured in a bomb blast at a Mariupol hospital dies, along with her baby

This is a photo that has spread around the world: a young pregnant woman injured, from the ruins of the Mariupol Maternity Hospital, on a stretcher, after the place was bombed by the Russians. The film quickly became a symbol of the terror experienced by civilians in the port city surrounded by Russian armed forces.

Video and photos taken by reporters after the hospital attack showed the woman’s abdomen bleeding, with rescue workers taking her to the ruins of the city of Mariupol. This was one of the most horrific moments of Russia’s 19-day war against Ukraine.

The Associated Press reports that a young Ukrainian and his baby died tragically Monday morning. The woman, whose hip and pelvis were badly injured, was taken to another hospital, which was still close to the front line, where doctors tried to keep her alive, but their efforts were in vain. The medical team also delivered the baby by caesarean section, but he “showed no signs of survival,” the surgeon said.

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