October 7, 2022


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Reducing energy charges. The government has not forgotten the most vulnerable families, nearly one million of them (two million people), whose definition has been expanded with the health crisis. Against the eruption of the Energy Bill (estimated to increase more than 700 per year), social tariffs have been extended until the end of March 2022. We are adding an energy test of 80 an, which will be deducted from the bill for these million families who are most vulnerable by the end of this year. A special fund will be set up for CPAS (for those who have difficulty paying bills). What about the other houses? The federal government’s contribution to gas and electricity bills (5% of the bill) will be converted into excise taxes. The government can reduce them if prices rise, which can reduce household bills from € 30 to € 50 a year.

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Four days a week. So it is possible to work four days a week, but without reducing working hours; We will be on the 38 hour schedule. So this equates to 9.5 hours. An agreement has been reached in principle. It should be subject to discussion with community partners.

The medical certificate was missing. It no longer requires a day off … but no more than three times a year. The aim is to reduce the administrative burden on physicians. Deputy Prime Minister Krone, Petra de Sutter, explained that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) would be exempt from the measure. UCM and Unizo have expressed their fears of seeing an increase in “Mondays”.

Tax on short-haul air tickets. These planes have been at shortcuts for a long time. So the policy has been formulated: in order to promote business travel to Paris or London by air as much as possible, flights less than 500 kilometers will be targeted. The “boarding tax” should bring 30 million euros to the public treasury (5 or 6 for an air ticket ??). Will this tax be paid if I fly to Canada? “It’s too soon to say. Now that there is an agreement on the policy, experts will work on the coordination of measurements,” one man told the office of the Minister of Movement Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo).

Long-term patients may be admitted.


பராமரிப்பு Child care, excise duty on tobacco, increase in purchasing power, labor reform, training and job seekers …: We are decoding everything that will change in your life to read here.

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The hard part of Cro starts with de Crowe: Editorial by our journalist Didier Swiss.

Cow 250 million will be invested in rail.