November 26, 2022


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Here are the main symptoms of the Omigron variant

In the United Kingdom, Europe has already been affected by the Omigron variant, and the symptoms of pollution have been closely studied. Illustrated by BBC, The Zoe Covid study team set up by the NHS and the British government followed the evolution of the epidemic by reactions from the general population, and it is estimated that half of people with cold symptoms actually have covid!

So far, five common symptoms associated with the Omigran variant are:

Runny nose


Fatigue (mild or severe)


throat pain

I’m sick: what should I do?

Belgian health officials have provided very clear explanations. They are all available on the website

But most artificially, if you are over 6 years old and you have some symptoms related to Govit-19, Click here to find out what you need to do.

Are the symptoms of Omicron different from the delta variant?

Some differences in the symptoms have appeared in the preliminary data, but experts are not sure if they are significant, please explain from our colleagues New York Times. For example, data released in December by South Africa’s largest private health insurer suggests that South Africans at Omigran often experience scratches or sore throats, as well as nasal congestion, dry cough and muscle aches, especially in the lower back.

One of the possible differences is that Omigron claims to be less likely to lose flavor and aroma than its predecessors. New York Times. Research indicates that 48% of patients with the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 reported loss of smell and 41% of loss of taste, but analysis of the small eruption of Omicron among vaccinated populations in Norway found that only 23% of patients reported it. Loss of taste and 12% loss of smell. However, it is not clear whether these differences are caused by other factors such as Omicron or vaccine status.

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