December 8, 2022


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Here are the main symptoms that may indicate that you are suffering from Govit-19 disease

Between January 9 and 15, an average of 27,761 new Sars-CoV-2 contaminants were detected per day, an increase of 27% over the previous week, according to figures from the Sciensano Public Health Institute. Updated Wednesday morning.

These figures indicate that the Omigran variant continues to spread rapidly among the Belgian population, even though fewer people die from the disease. Currently, three out of ten tests are positive.

In the United Kingdom, the situation is more or less the same, everything has to be considered. A scientific study has decided to list the main symptoms experienced by those who are positive for Omicron. Of those, 73% said they had a runny nose and 68% had a headache.

Clary Steves, who participated in the study, says: “The most common symptoms of omigran are similar to those of the flu, especially in vaccinated individuals.”

Here is a list of key symptoms experienced by study participants:

Runny nose – 73%

Headache – 68%

Fatigue – 64%

Sneezing – 60%

Sore Throat – 60%

Persistent cough – 44%

Hoarse voice – 36%

Cold – 30%

Fever – 29%

Dizziness – 28%

Numbness – 24%

Muscle pain – 23%

Odor loss – 19%

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Chest pain – 19%