August 13, 2022


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Here are the steps the French government will announce this Thursday

With more than 30,000 cases detected on Tuesday during the full relapse of the epidemic in France, the government is preparing to announce a number of measures, which will be discussed with all veterans (representatives, senators and local elected officials, who will be officially announced at a press conference on Thursday).

But during Jean Costex’s interview with senators on Wednesday afternoon, several measures, especially regarding the third dose, have already been released. Information from La Voix Du Nord.

The government is said to have decided to follow the advice of two advisory bodies, the Science Council and the Vaccine Strategic Council, which have recently revealed themselves in the third dose. According to our colleagues, the Minister of Health should announce this Thursday the expansion of the third dose to the entire population over the age of 18 from mid-January.

The third dose should ensure health. People over 18 should be two months and a week starting at 5 months to get the third dose. As a result, if that person has not yet received it, the pass is no longer valid.

In addition, the time to get this third drug will be reduced to five months instead of six months.

The government is expected to announce that the validity period of PCR tests will be reduced from the current 72 hours to 24 hours (which is already the rule in other European countries).

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