October 7, 2022


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Here are two people at the center of the investigation

First, 24-year-old Hannah Guttierez Reid produced a shotgun fired at actor Halina Hutchins, 42, on Thursday, according to an initial investigative report cited by the newspaper, after which she died of her injuries.

Second, Dave Halls, 31, shot Mr. during a rehearsal for a scene in the movie. Handed it to Baldwin and told him it was “cold”, i.e. unloaded. ‘A real bullet in the language of cinema.

Mr. Halls “did not know the gun was loaded with live ammunition,” said Joel Cono, an agent with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office in New Mexico.

The two are not currently being prosecuted, the sheriff’s spokesman confirmed Friday. Attorney Mary Carmek-Altwiss said in a statement Friday that it was “unknown” at this stage of the trial whether “the trial will begin.”

A phone call made by a female member of the film crew to the emergency number 911 confirms that there was tension at the shooting site. According to the Los Angeles Times, six members of the film’s technical team left the set several hours before the play to protest their working conditions.

When asked by the 911 operator if there were live bullets in the weapon, the unidentified woman replied, “I can not say … and this bastard assistant director who yelled at me during lunch, (…) he should check the weapons, what is settled?” He is responsible for what is happening.

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Ms Guttierez Reid, who did not speak publicly after the play, was interviewed on a podcast in early September. When asked about the previous Western, “The Old Way” with Nicholas Cage, he said “not sure if ready to work” but the shooting was “very good.”

Halina Hutchins’ husband, Matt Hutchins, confirmed to CBS that Alec Baldwin contacted him and showed “great support” and tweeted his wife’s “biggest loss”. “Holina is an inspiration to all of us,” he wrote.