February 3, 2023


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Here is what awaits you in the next few days …

This weekend, we will take advantage of an anticyclone pass that will cross our territories and bring a much calmer and relatively sunny climate after the morning gray and fog has dissolved.

However, many of the valleys in the Ardennes will be very cold at night with freezing again, but mild in the afternoon due to the presence of the sun.

10 to 14º in Ardennes, 14 to 17º in the plains and beaches, and relatively low nights of 6 to 10º in the west, 2 to 6º in the center, and 0 to 2º in the south of Chambray and Muse Furrow. 6º In some valleys of eastern Ardennes.


The high pressure center will move towards Central Europe and begin to regulate very gentle currents from south to southwest Spain and Penelox, where temperatures can easily rise from 13 to 200 degrees.

The morning fog almost disappears under the sky which is slightly covered by high clouds. During the night from Monday to Tuesday, high pressure will begin to weaken in Western Europe, increasing a rain barrier toward the English Channel and the north east of northern France.


It will rain for a few hours off the coast and the French border in the morning, with very light to moderate temperatures of 15 to 20 C.


The cold front country with rain and sleet will pass under a very changing sky from west to east and temporarily with remarkable smoothness. Only the strength of the south to southwesterly winds will be different, starting at 45 to 65 km / h.


As it approaches a sea depression in the British Isles, the wind blows in a south-westerly direction, blowing continuously undesirablely and with good rainfall in the wind bringing in less gentle and unstable air masses. 10 to 160.

Trend for the period from Friday 22nd October to 28th October:

Westerly to northwesterly currents with more rain and temperatures initially 8 to 12 C south of Sambre et Meuse furrow and 12 to 15 C on the plains and coast.

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