August 17, 2022


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His new comrade’s shocking expressions, “Suddenly he might be a little nervous”

The dolphin jubilee, which has been missing since December 16, is yet to be found. Cedric, the husband of a 33-year-old nurse, has been accused of “bad murder” but his new friend Severin has made shocking revelations about the suspect in Parisian columns.

If the new comrade of Cedric Jubilee is convinced that he is innocent, the latter promises to express anger: “He was gentle and affectionate with me 90% of the time. Then all of a sudden, he can type a little tense attack, and it rises quickly,” Severin explained.

Cedric Jubilee’s comrade’s expressions raise suspicions about him because he said he can sometimes “raise his voice, yes or no, especially against his son.” “He’s like that, you need to get to know him,” Severin says, and he’s always been quiet after his attacks. He mentioned his comrade’s drugs: “Her thing is cannabis, weed and CPD. But never hard drugs. In fact, he smokes all day, it costs him a lot of money. But I never saw him. On the contrary, smoking gives him energy. On the other hand, he has to smoke.” With nothing, it’s hard for him. In these cases, I felt nervous about him, on the edge, “Severin said.

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