February 2, 2023


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His parents are no longer awake and he has to ask for help through the window

This French family living in an apartment on rue Gabriel-Péri in Levallois-Perret would not have had a New Year’s Eve. Shortly before 4 p.m., an off-duty police officer was arrested in the middle of the street by a 6-year-old child. He was at the window of his house saying that his parents had not woken up.

After retrieving the key thrown through the window, the agent manages to get into the apartment and unfortunately makes a gruesome discovery. Inside the apartment were the bodies of two parents: the 62-year-old father, in his underwear, on the sofa in a state of rigor mortis (dead for several hours, author’s note) and the 45-year-old mother. , fainting, in bed.


The 40-year-old is still in a coma after being rushed to the emergency room after first aid treatment. According to Le Parisien, bottles of alcohol and drugs were found in the apartment. The boy would have explained to the police that the day before, his father had been lying on the couch and his mother was “resting” on the bed. After that they never woke up.

An investigation has been opened by the Nanterre Prosecutor’s Office to determine the exact circumstances of this case. “Investigation is ongoing; At the moment we are very cautious because the situations are very open,” he explains to the French newspaper.

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