August 19, 2022


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Horror story lived by kidnapped Brazilian woman and her two children for 17 years: “You don’t leave here until you die”

Authorities were alerted by an anonymous complaint and a police operation took place on Thursday in Guaratiba, a popular district west of the city.

Municipal health services said the woman, aged 19 and 22, and her two children were admitted to hospital shortly after their release with “dehydration and severe malnutrition”, according to local media.

According to the G1 news website, the mother of the family told authorities that they sometimes went without food for three days and that they were subjected to constant physical and psychological attacks.

“Be with me until the end, you will not leave here until you die,” said her husband, Luis Antonio Santos Silva, to whom she has been married for 23 years.

Images reproduced in Brazilian media show two children, adults, looking like teenagers due to their malnutrition.

“When we saw the condition of the two children, we thought that they would not survive another week. I tried to talk to the mother in the ambulance, but she was so weak that she could not even make a sound.” A resident of Guaratiba told the G1 site.

Neighbors told authorities the alleged torturer was nicknamed “DJ” because he blasted music to drown out his victims’ screams.

Some say the denunciations were made two years ago without the authorities intervening.

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