March 21, 2023


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Hostile reception for far-right candidate Zemmour in Armenia

Eric Gemmore, the far-right candidate for the 2022 French presidential election, was greeted by a group of anti-government protesters as he arrived at Yerevan Airport in Armenia on Saturday evening. Twenty protesters, including the French, welcomed Eric Gemmer. “Racism!“And keeping signs in French”Not welcome, Eric Zemmer“, An AFP journalist said.

We’re here to tell the Armenians who Eric Jemmour is

We are here to inform the Armenians who Eric Jemmour is. He is a very dangerous man, he is a fascistChiriné Orguekian, a 25-year-old French woman, said her plan for her visit, which was scheduled for Tuesday, was not immediately known, and Eric Gemmore left the venue soon after.

Why Armenia?

Eric Jemmur said on Friday that he had chosen Armenia for his first campaign trip because “It is an old Christian land, (…) one of the cradles of our civilization“.

Armenia is in danger. It was already a sacrificial land during massacres such as the Ottoman Empire and the Armenian Genocide. Again, this country is persecuted, followed by its neighbor Azerbaijan, especially Turkey. We are at the center of the civil war“, He added.

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He is accompanied by former Sovereign MEP Philip de Villiers.

A limited number of media outlets have been allowed by his team, “he said.For security reasons,“Follow Eric Zemor in Armenia (CNews, Europe 1 and Le Figaro, France TV and AFP video later added).

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