August 19, 2022


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How CBS ‘Ghosts’ Will Grow In A New Time Period After ‘Young Sheldon’

For the first time in a decade (‘Member When Someone interesting used in the air at 9?), The newly released fall schedule on CBS Features only two sitcoms on Thursday, with Young Sheldon And ghosts – Two Best Comedy Movies in TV – Resulting in student drama So help me Toddfollowed by the second season of CSI: Vegas.

The transformation was dictated largely by the fact that CBS canceled United States of AlAnd b positive And How do we get aroundwhile the green light has not been given to new sitcoms for the 2022-23 season.

“You play your hand,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Cale told TVLine. “Every year it’s, ‘How do we best put the schedule together?'” “We had some [new sitcom] Sure, but the room kept coming back to, “What’s the best schedule? What’s the best numbers? What’s the best flow over the course of the entire week?”

Besides pairing ghosts With sheldon She can only enhance the supernatural comedy, which previously had to put up a good fight between low-rated peers.

“Ghosts have been a bit of an island this season,” broadcast between The And b positive (and then How do we get around), Cale noted. “It has grown amazingly on its own, and this is a show that we want to continue building. There are still a lot of people who haven’t seen it, and there is a lot of growth potential left, so this is one way we just can’t support it. He. Shebut use He. She for help So help me Todd, which is a lighter dramatic genre with a lot of comedy. It wouldn’t sound like a stark transition from 8:30 to 9.”

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Cal said that while nothing is currently in development to join Thursday’s sitcom roster later in the season — plus, “if you have One [new sitcom]you need two,Notes – this is not a sign that CBS has permanently reduced the likelihood of laughter at night.

“We don’t escape comedy in any way,” he explained. “We will continue to evolve, and if we have the goods to go back to four any night, we will look to do so.”