January 30, 2023


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How did this $ 3 billion US submarine collide with a mountain?

We are not talking about any submarine. Some even call it the “luxury car”. The USS Connecticut nuclear-powered Sea Wolf submarine struck an unidentified object while sinking in the South China Sea on the afternoon of October 2. 11 sailors were injured. The $ 3 billion ship’s commander, Cameron Algelani, was later released by Lieutenant-Commander Patrick Cashin, the submarine’s second-in-command and the ship’s most senior unarmed officer, Chief of Staff Cory Rodgers. Their duties.

Despite being fitted with the latest electronic gadgets, the submarine still collided as it turned into a mountain under the sea. It is now stationed at a U.S. naval base on the island of Guam, according to media reports CNN. According to the Navy, the ship’s nuclear reactor was not damaged. The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment. And it is not known exactly where this conflict took place. Official reports report crash in Indo-Pacific waters, but US security officials have previously said CNN It happened in the South China Sea.

How did this submarine collide?

With the rise of the Chinese Navy, the U.S. Navy is in high demand in this part of the world. “Underwater navigation is difficult, it’s very difficult. Not everything always goes right.”Thomas Schukert spent more than 11 years on American submarines, especially as commander of an attack submarine. As buildings sink deeper, the periscope becomes redundant and GPS systems are no longer available. So submarines operate with their compass and maps.

The American media explains that accurate maps (100 meters accuracy) of the ocean floor are compiled by surface vessels using sound waves. However, it is a very expensive and time consuming process. So only 20% of the international ocean is mapped. “In the busy South China Sea, China has built and fortified man-made islands, and less than 50% of the maps have been mapped. No wonder someone stumbles upon something.”David Sandwell, Professor of Geophysics Scripps Institution of Oceanography In California.

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If black, why don’t you use sonar? These seawolf-class submarines officially have a maximum depth of 243 meters. Some experts estimate that their maximum depth is more than twice that. Very low below sea level, sonar is the only way to see below. “But we don’t want to make more noise than we need to.”, Thomas Schugart explains to CNN. “This has to be done every 20 seconds or so to get an accurate picture. It actually makes a lot of noise. In fact, the surface of the moon is better mapped than the ocean floor.”