November 26, 2022


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How the “El Pice” investigation revealed the extent of sexual abuse in the Spanish church

The Spanish newspaper sent to the Vatican a three-year investigation into 251 clergy accused of pedo-criminality after it refused to act following a series of revelations by the Spanish Church.

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LDaily Country The Spanish Catholic Church has been investigating 251 suspected pedophiles over a three-year period for facts that took place between 1943 and 2018. The newspaper received more than 600 messages after spreading an email address in October 2018 to gather information. . In the face of the inaction of the Spanish Church, journalists presented a 385-page report in person to Pope Francis on December 2, after which he announced that he had begun an internal investigation.

Two journalists from the team leading the investigation, Inigo Domínguez and Julio Nuñez, say. Evening Behind the scenes of an extraordinary trial that shook the Church and Spanish society.

Why did you start this extensive poll in October 2018?

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