August 17, 2022


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Hundreds die: The tragedy of residential schools in Canada

This is a horrific cult that has not stopped resurrecting wounds in Canada: 182 new anonymous graves have yet to be discovered near a former Catholic boarding school for aborigines, and on Wednesday we learned we collected a total of more than a thousand of these anonymous burials. On the same day, two churches were set on fire, leaving a total of 215 schoolchildren with the remains found near another residential school in the Kamloops, British Columbia, in late May.

Last week, 751 anonymous graves were found in the Marywall of Saskatchewan (West), with the Lower Coutinho tribal community announcing the discovery of these 182 graves near the former St. Eugene Residential School in Cranbrook, Colombia. British, Western Province of Canada.

The community points out in its press release that the cemetery, which was managed by the Catholic Church on behalf of the Canadian government between 1912 and 1970, underwent research in 2020 and erected these graves using geo-radars.

Some remains were buried in graves 3 to 4 feet deep“90 to 120 centimeters,” said the Kootene tribal community under the first nation of Ktunaxa.

Pope’s apology

Terrible discoveries“Children’s anonymous graves led Canadians “Reflect on the historical and continual injustices faced by the tribal people“, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded during a press conference.

He called on the Pope to return to Canada. “To apologize directly to the tribal people “, In December, the day after the announcement of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, a group of Indigenous people was sent to Holy See. “We want to use the opportunity to call him (Pope) Again“Perry Bellicard, Speaker of the First National Assembly, added confidence.”Sometimes appropriate words come up“.

Burned churches

The destruction of places of worship is unacceptable and must be stopped,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Saint-Katteri-Tekagvita Church, to determine if it caught fire.

RCMP Spokeswoman Sheldon RobbInvestigation“Following the fire that destroyed the church in Morinville, he was sentenced “SuspiciousAnother RCMP representative in Nova Scotia made a similar comment regarding the burning of St. Catharine-Tequila Church.

Five churches were recently burned on tribal ancestral lands in British Columbia and one in Alberta.

“Shame on Catholics”

The Confederation of Sovereign Indigenous Peoples, representing 74 countries in Saskatchewan, has urged the Catholic Church to fulfill its commitment to raise $ 25 million ($ 17 million) to compensate. “Historical mistakes“.”To date, the Catholic Church claims to have raised only $ 34,650“, Refers to the federation in a press release.”It is a shame that Catholics are raising millions of dollars to build multiple cathedrals, and only $ 34,650 or 30 pennies for a survivor“, She exploded.

The 150,000 Amerindian, Medis and Inuit children who were forcibly recruited from 139 residential schools across the country in the 1990s have been cut off from their families, language and culture. Many of them were mistreated or sexually abused, and more than 4,000 died there, according to the commission of inquiry, which is a fact. “Cultural genocide“From Canada.

Novel White game (2012, published in French, version 10/18) Written by tribal writer Richard Wagamis and strongly inspired by his own story gives an idea of ​​what these children experienced.

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