March 21, 2023


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Hundreds of QAnon activists await the resurrection of JFK Jr. in Dallas

QAnon supporters killed John F. Kennedy in 1999. Kennedy (JFK. Jr.) gathered in Dallas, Texas to return. According to the latest claims of this ridiculous movement – which believes the world is ruled by Satan’s group – worshiping pedophiles – the return of the Democratic JFK Jr. will announce the new presidential election in 2024 with the duo of Donald Trump and JFK Jr.

According to this prediction of the conspirators – there are many different ones – both Kennedys must be resurrected because this line is directly related to Christ to them. According to the man who dictates hopes to QAnon’s supporters, his father will return to Earth in only seven days, but before he dies again, he will “transfer power to Donald Trump and JFK Jr., who will be vice president. Trump.”

Journalist Steven Monacelli is on hand Daily Beast. He shared photos and videos of worshipers of the faith wearing T-shirts waving “TRUMP / JFK Jr. 2024” flags. As he mentions on Twitter, there is no JFK on the horizon yet.

According to another equally bizarre version, after two decades in his hiding place, young Kennedy should be appointed Trump’s vice president, who will become “king of kings.”

JFK was a prominent figure in the QAnon movement and his death had already been used as fuel for several conspiracies. Trump supporters are still eagerly waiting for the deceased.A kind of hiding place“Where”Resurrected“.

Despite these absurd theories, the QAnon movement has many supporters in the United States, some of whom have been arrested for terrorism. This far-right group is being monitored by the FBI.

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Chris Murphy, a Democratic senator from Connecticut, responded on Twitter by saying, “It’s not funny that a huge crowd gathered to see him reappear after the simulated death of JFK Jr..” “This is a very confusing sign of how the political debate has completely deviated from the truth.”