December 8, 2022


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Hundreds of sudden deaths and “fires” engulfed the village of Lytton

The heat wave triggered heat wave warnings in areas inhabited by millions of people, killing nearly 500 people in Canada And at least 16 people in the United States will be pushing for emergency services, while refreshments are not expected until next week.

The temperature recorded this week is unprecedented. Deaths have occurred and the risk of wildfires is alarming“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously echoed US President Joe Biden.

People are in pain, children can not play outside, roads are formed“In particular, Joe Biden noted during an interview with Democratic and Republican governors that he has identified 36 fires currently operating in Pacific coastal states.

The whole village is on fire

The northwestern United States, which is accustomed to moderate and generally humid weather, also recorded in recent days, with Portland hovering above 46.1 degrees Celsius on Monday. The port city was breathing a little easier Wednesday as the heat wave moved slowly inland.

At the border, several fires were reported in Canada on Wednesday, near the village of Lytton in British Columbia, about 250 km northeast of Vancouver: A new absolute heat record was recorded for the entire country at 49.6 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

250 residents had to be evicted because “The whole village is on fire. It took about 15 minutes between the appearance of the first smoke and the moment the fire started everywhereLytton Mayor John Boulderman told CBC News. Video footage showed the fire spreading through the hills surrounding the village, with residents walking under smoke clouds.

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Residents of 241 other homes in the area also escaped the blaze.

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Historic heat wave continues to shatter records “ Canadian meteorological services wrote a long list of temperatures never seen before in Canada, sometimes breaking records set in the 19th century.


Panic victims of thermometers have claimed rights. At least 486 people have died suddenly in British Columbia since Friday, three times higher than average during such periods, officials said.

Although it is too early to say for sure how many of these deaths are related to heat, these high numbers of deaths may be due to extreme weather.“Lisa Lapoint, a Canadian government forensic officer, feared the number would worsen.

It’s unbearable, can’t be outside“Rosa, who lives in metropolitan Vancouver, is accustomed to moderate temperatures,” he said.Hope this never happens again, this is too much“.

In the neighboring American city of Seattle, emergency doctors noted the arrival of people suffering from heat, including kidney or heart problems. At least 16 people have died of hyperthermia in the area, local officials say.

Authorities in both countries have called on people to reduce their travels, drink plenty, check out single and elderly people, set up “cooling centers” and install air conditioning and misters.

Vancouver area, Schools have been closed and vaccination campaigns against Govt-19 have been halted. Air conditioners and fans are not in stock.

The duration of this heat wave is worrying because there is little rest at night“, Underscored the Canadian Minister of Environment.

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“Thermal Dome”

We have been seeing more and more of these types of extreme weather events in recent years. So let’s be realistic, we know that this heat wave will not be the last“, Rated by Justin Trudeau.

These temperatures are explained by a phenomenon called “heat dome”: high pressures catch hot air in the region. However, its severity is exceptional.

Global warming causes a dangerous combination of extreme heat and prolonged droughtJoe Biden insisted that this should not be a “discriminatory debate” for his climate-skeptical Republican opponents.

The work of firefighters “No more seasonal“They face disasters throughout the year, and he announced a pay rise.

To combat the development of “lava fire” on the edge of Oregon and California, about 9,000 firefighters are currently stationed in the western United States, which has already consumed more than 7,000 hectares and was only 19% content on Wednesday afternoon.

Warm days are always hot, dry days are always dry: the reality of global warming is before usDemocratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom commented.