January 30, 2023


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Hurricane Henry makes landfall in northeastern America: may be the first direct impact on Long Island since the 1980s

The U.S. Hurricane Observatory (NHC) said Henry would reach the U.S. coast on Sunday on Long Island near New York or just north of New England, with winds of up to 120km / h. At 11:00 pm (05:00 HB) the bullet hurricane moves north over 30 km / h.

Climate change has forced New York to suspend a major concert in Central Park to mark the artists’ “union” with the public. Singer Barry Manilov was interrupted in the middle of a song by a voice asking the audience to leave quickly but quietly.

“Henry is moving fast. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in some parts of the Northeastern United States tonight or early Sunday morning. Seven to 15 cm of rainfall is expected in the region, and 25 cm in places.

The National Weather Service announced Saturday evening that Typhoon Hurricane Hurricane Henry is expected to make landfall. A part of the Northeastern United States, including New York, was warned on Friday of Henry’s approach to what could become the first hurricane in 30 years to hit the coast of New England. Faced with the threat, several governors called on the people to be vigilant.

In a tweet on Saturday that Henry is the first hurricane to hit Long Island directly since the 1980s, he expects conditions to last “26 hours”.

“I declared a state of emergency before Hurricane Henry,” he declared to the electorate, as 500 National Guard soldiers mobilized in support of efforts to respond to the storm. “Be prepared for heavy rain, strong winds and power outages,” Andrew Cuomo told residents in vulnerable areas in New York State. The country’s cultural and economic capital still has in mind the painful memory of Hurricane Sandy that killed 44 people in 2012.

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