December 8, 2022


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Hurricane Kentucky kills at least 50 (video)

The U.S. governor said a hurricane in Kentucky had killed at least 50 people.

“I’m afraid more than 50 people have died in Kentucky (…), we could have killed 70 to 100 people, which is very bad,” state Governor Andy Peshier said Saturday.

Many districts in the state have been devastated by the strong hurricane that has traveled more than 300 kilometers.

He said “countless lives have been lost” when the roof of a particular candle factory in Mayfield collapsed.

“Before midnight, I declared a state of emergency,” he said, adding that search and rescue teams had been suspended in the aftermath of the power outage.

Photos and videos of Mayfield shared on social media show buildings scattered in the streets, twisted metal, trees and bricks.

American Channels filmed the path of the hurricane: black cylinders sweeping the ground, flashing with intermittent lightning.

And in the northwest, Illinois, about 100 people are trapped in a storm-ravaged Amazon warehouse, according to media reports. These are the employees of the distribution companies who worked at night to execute orders before the holiday season.

“The Great Incident”

The Collinsville Emergency Management Agency noted that “many people were trapped in the Amazon warehouse” after this “great incident.”

Emergency services tried to free these people from the installation until early Saturday morning, except for one-third of the rubble.

Pictures of the Edwardsville Amazon warehouse were shared by American news channels and social media, with most of the roof of the installation torn, one of the walls collapsed into the building and the entire site collapsed.

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Illinois Gov. JP Pritcher addressed the “Edwardsville People’s Prayer”, noting that the Illinois Police and Emergency Management Agency “coordinates their operations closely with local authorities.”

The assessment of potential victims has not yet been reported.

In a statement to local media, Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha said the “safety and well-being” group of Amazon employees and associates was a “top priority.”

“We are assessing the situation and will share more information as soon as it is available,” he added.

In Arkansas, the media reported that one person had been killed and 20 others were trapped in a nursing home. But rescuers evacuated those trapped in the “almost ruined” building, Craighead County official Marvin Day told local news channels. Another died in the state.

In Tennessee, at least two people have been killed in bad weather, an emergency management official said, citing local media.

The hurricane also hit Missouri.