July 3, 2022


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“I am suffering”: broken, an heir refuses to look for work because she can not access her father’s great wealth (video)

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According to DailymailClarity Brown should get 8 million euros, but the situation is complicated. Because she failed to meet two key conditions, the persons responsible for protecting her father’s will did not release the funds..

The woman from Sydney, Australia, is currently challenging the will in court, arguing that the condition she imposed on the fund was untrue. The former private school student claims to be living in welfare with his wife Lauren and an adult daughter.

Claire’s father Chris received a stipend of £ 330 a week.Kept cutting him off“.

When Chris died in January, he left Claire 8 million euros, if she gets a job or makes a contribution to the community. He claims to be suffering from hyperactivity disorder and is unable to work on his own (ADHD).

Claire A. spoke on the show Current Affair Today is June 21, 2022. Broken Heir Launched:Give me what I deserve. I struggle. Can you stop everything please ‘He Want to find one Use ‘. I was constantly broken and there was nothing I could do about it“.

She has Confirmed Would have been “Financial abuse“By his father.I understand why these people want me to be an active member of the community, but you have to look at my diagnosis and realize that it will not happen. I will not learn to drive because I struggle ADHD. I got the attention of a mosquito.

Claire High functional autism was also diagnosed. Lauren said her wife struggles with daily chores and has a list of basic reminders, including what to eat.

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Lauren said:She has no administrative function in her head. Our cats are not fed, they are starving – because she does not remember what they should eat.

However, his family says his illness is an excuse.Looking for a conditional job. The second category was to contribute something to the community. Check these two boxes and access all the money you want“, Jimmy, cousin said Claire.We want her to find a job and contribute to the community. We are at the end of our knowledge. We only loved it Claire.

The only reference to Claire Part time work on his CV Stress Australia. She also worked as a bartender, but for less than an hour.