May 20, 2022


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“I can not forget his cries and screams.”

Gaëtan Lemaire is a catastrophic, catastrophic man. Lonely without children, suffering from health worries, the only happiness in his life is his little dog, 5 year old Maltese, Mignon. “He was my only companion,” the resident of AbileneCourt-Preschooard said cowardly.

He speaks of past tensions because on Saturday, April 23, Mignon was killed. “I came home and, as always, took Mignon for a walk down the street. I had no bad manners on my deserted street, so I had a bad habit of not restraining him.” He still likes it. 4:11 pm, it’s drama.

The first dog, an American Staffordshire, the second type of dog breaks through the fence and attacks the unidentified Mignon. In less than a second, the Maltese bit. Five seconds later, this time a crusader grabs Mignon, bites him hard on the back of the neck, and for twenty seconds begins to shake him in all directions. “I was amazed at the speed of the attack and did not even have time to react. I rushed to Mignon to help him and I was bitten on the finger. Two men immediately came out of the house to free my dog.

Mignon was finally released, but he was covered in blood. The entire scene was recorded on a CCTV camera at home.

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One of the two reacts and takes Cayton Lemire and his dog to the vet in Rosiers-en-Saunders. “My dog ​​died in my arms a few minutes later. Couldn’t be more shocking than this. I will never forget his cries and screams. The veterinarian’s report confirms that the animal died before it arrived. One dog was “suspected of having a neck injury, holes on both sides, a fracture and a puncture in the lungs”.

In front of the veterinarian, two men from the house try to contact Cayton Lemire to ask Mignon. He refuses to see them. “I was in such a state that I could not talk to them after what their dogs had done. I know that the one who killed mine was the son of one of the two. Cayton Lemaire calls a friend, who takes him to Solnus Gendermary. He returned there on Tuesday morning, April 26th.

“I am just happy to be free. Although this is the first time these two dogs have left this house, they may have attacked a child. Gendermary found that the dog that killed the second type of dog, Mignon, had not been notified that Downhall had not been granted a restraining order. He will carry out his investigation and send it to the public prosecutor’s office, which will decide on the continuation of the case.

So Cayton Lemaire likes to do things: “I do not blame irresponsible dogs, but I do not blame their masters for being aware of the dangers they pose to others. I didn’t go into practice for the money, I didn’t care. If I touch anything, I will donate funds to an association such as the SPA or Brigitte Bardot Foundation with which I am associated. I do not want such a drama to happen again. “

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