January 29, 2023


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“I do not believe it” (photo)

Sarah Jane Ellis of Britain, who lives in Yorkshire, made an incredible discovery in her neighbor’s garden. When she looked out the window, the young woman was stunned: she thinks she saw a crocodile!

That morning, Sarah, a nurse, was returning home after a night in the hospital. “I was covering the bedroom blind when I saw him on the lawn. A few hours later I saw him and he was gone,” the young woman said in a Yorkshire Live column. “I think it was a crocodile,” she added.

Sarah took a photo of the animal and showed it to her sister-in-law. “When I looked at the photo, I couldn’t believe it,” Kate explained. Sarah thinks the possibility of a crocodile roaming around the UK should be taken seriously, as this is not the first time someone has reported this. Last May, Lee Collings, another Yorkshire resident, also spotted a crocodile, but he did not have time to photograph it. Others after him reported it.

Lee Collins later explained that he had heard that someone had abandoned a handkerchief similar to the one he had seen. “He walked hard. It was moving slowly, but it was too fast to photograph it when I realized what I was thinking,” Lee Collings explained.

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