October 7, 2022


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“I feel stupid, I don’t usually fall into this kind of trap”

Theodora McCormick, 50, was visiting the Greek island of Mykonos with her husband when they stopped at DK Oyster Bar for a drink. After ordering two beers, two cocktails and seafood, the pair were stunned by the exorbitant bill.

“I said to my husband, ‘Oh, why don’t we get a cab and have a drink’,” she told The Sun. “It was my big mistake. The couple ordered two martinis and two beers and found them arriving in giant glass boots. The waiter allegedly pestered them to order seafood, so the couple ordered a dozen oysters.

“It was Mykonos, and we knew it was going to be expensive,” he recalls. “But when we got the bill, it was around 540 euros! When it came time to refuse the bill, the couple were allegedly surrounded by staff, “a bunch of men” and had no choice but to pay.

“I feel stupid, because I don’t usually fall for this kind of fraud”, Theodora regrets that she is not alone in experiencing this adventure. On TripAdvisor, the restaurant has hundreds of negative reviews, with a 2.5 star rating.

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