August 19, 2022


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“I hugged her and shook her hand”

This Saturday, the city of Tongaren said goodbye to a 26-year-old man named Melvin Leibens, who is well known in the area as he worked for several catering companies.

The young man died a few days ago of a lung embolism caused by an infection with the corona virus. His twin brother Randy was also hospitalized with the virus, but survived.

They were vaccinated

On July 10, both brothers must have been vaccinated. They had a date. But they were not feeling well and had to cancel their visit, explains Head Belong von Limburg. Tests at the time confirmed that both brothers had corona infection.

“The pains got worse and worse and I finally had to be hospitalized,” Randy explains to our colleagues. “They controlled Melvin, but he was able to stay home.”

Randy was able to be released from the hospital three days later. Instead, his brother came there after him. He stayed there for four days. They examined his lungs, but there was not much damage. When his breathing and cough were under control, he was able to go home. ” Both brothers thought they were out in the woods. But last Saturday, Randy woke up with severe back pain and had to be hospitalized again: “I could not lie down, talk, or breathe. A CT scan revealed that I had tumors in my lungs.

In Randy, if this lung embolism is in a state of readiness, it is dangerous for his brother. The following Monday, while Maastricht was in the hospital in a similar condition, Melvin collapsed.

One last hug

Despite the doctors’ efforts, the young man died: “I hugged him and shook his hand, then asked the doctors to take me to my room. I did not want to see my brother die. In a little while our father came. He said to me,” Please, Randy, you have to fight, I have another son. I do not want to lose. “

If Randy escapes from it, his brother is not lucky. Melvin leaves a wife and 4-year-old son: “It is often said that young people have nothing but the flu. Melvin was in perfect health, he never went crazy and always wore his mask well, ”his brother concluded with a warning.

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