February 3, 2023


Complete News World

“If he can change the delta variation …”

Although its characteristics have not yet been accurately identified, this omigran variant is highly contagious because it spread so rapidly in South Africa that it could take the place of the delta variant within two weeks. “If it could change the delta variant, it would be highly contagious and one of the most contagious viruses of all time,” Mark von Ronst said yesterday.

According to the virologist, viruses generally do not develop in the direction of high pathogenesis, i.e., infect people, but are highly contagious. “If it was less pathogenic, more infection (which allows Omigron to replace Delta) would actually be more favorable,” he wrote on Twitter today. “This is why we need to closely monitor the clinical data of Omigron (South Africa and globally) patients.”

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