August 10, 2022


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“If you leave me I will kill you”: The story of a woman who appealed for the murder of her violent partner

On, “I tell him I can not bear it anymore. I try to apologize to the quad (accident) I tell him, I want it. I can not live like that anymore. He told me + if you leave me, keep your feet in front Outside the influential children, from her glass box in front of Eurasian aces.

Alexandra Richard was convicted in November 2020 by a Seine-Maritime Assize court of murdering his 36-year-old wife with a hunting rifle at their home in Montreuil-en-Caux. The latter, intoxicated, got up from his chair and threatened to “kick his ass,” she explained.

On the fourth day of his appeal hearing, the defendant explained that “the weather was very tense” the week before following a quad bike accident: “He was very angry at me”.

“On Sunday morning, he was not happy because we had not had sex for a few days. I woke up first. He came to see me out. + Do you want to make an appointment to fuck? I woke up first. Need your body +. We came back to the quad. Age, Mrs. Richard. Said.

According to her account, her husband started drinking in the afternoon and told her that the accused was going to leave him.

“When I was little he put my head in the cupboard. Go upstairs and choose who you want to die with. + He pushed me on the sofa. We both went to his room. He went upstairs. He came up to me + and took care of my little boy,” he said. She continued.

“I’m broken”

“Alcohol disgusted him. When he drank, he was an uncontrollable demon,” Ms Richard added.

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The accused then expressed regret. “It could be a great man (…) I blame myself for seizing this weapon. I took the man of my life. I (father of three children teacher) took the father. He did not have strong enough words. Reveal how I broke. Sorry. But the word is not powerful enough, “he concluded.

The victim has two children aged 13 and 16 from a previous marriage.

When questioned by the head of the court, he said he did not remember the accused pulling the trigger. “When I grabbed the gun, I opened it. I loaded it (…) and he shot at the barrel, the shot was fired. That’s where I dropped the gun,” said Ms Richard.

On Thursday the ballistics expert clarified that it is necessary to press the trigger to go to the shot.

“When it bothers her, she doesn’t remember,” commented Sylvie Amis-Dowell, the victim’s children’s lawyer.

“I was shocked,” the accused said.

The verdict is expected on Friday evening or Saturday.