June 25, 2022


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In a speech presented as “historic” by the Kremlin, Putin mocked the EU for “manipulating” Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, who was adjourned for an hour by a hacker attack, finally addressed the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. The intervention of the Russian President was the annual highlight of this business meeting, and the Kremlin had earlier announced the President’s “historic speech”.

Of course, there was talk of war in Ukraine. Shortly before, Vladimir Putin, like his Russian defense minister, declared that the EU was “handling” Ukraine. He also mocked the “pseudo-unity” of the twenty-seven. “In fact, they have completely lost their independence,” and Putin explained, “subject to what Americans say.”

The Russian president wanted to reassure his people: “We want to crush our economy, but sanctions have failed,” he said.

Vladimir Putin spoke about war at the military level. “All objectives of military action will undoubtedly be achieved. The end of this action is necessary, a sovereign decision. And we have the right to defend our security,” the Kremlin leader justified.

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