August 19, 2022


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In an enchanting mission in Poland, Matteo Salvini fools himself and is given a “Putin army” T-shirt.

Since Monday, Italian Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right party The Northern League, has been traveling to Poland for a “peace mission” in the context of the war in Ukraine.

The former MEP thought that by moving to Przemysl, a few kilometers from the Ukrainian city of Lviv, where many refugees had gathered since the beginning of the Russian invasion, he had achieved a real communication conspiracy by showing unwavering support to the Ukrainian people. But his strategy went awry.

In fact, the mayor of the city, Wojciech Bagun, did not seem to have forgotten the pro-Russian positions shown by Salvini in the past, thus giving him an icy welcome.

The councilor of Przemysl first wanted to say thank you “Italian companies and organizations for their support”, Before returning to his guest. “At the same time, Senator Salvini has a personal opinion. I have a gift for you “, Bagun continued, handing him a shirt emblazoned with the image of Vladimir Putin, with the words “Putin’s army” written on it. The same T-shirt that Salvini wore in Red Square in 2014, everyone smiled and thumbs up. The most talked about photo back then.

The mayor of Przemysl then drove the point home: We would love to go with you to the Border and Refugee Reception Center to see what your friend Putin did to the 50,000 people crossing the border and what you describe as your friend. Day […] As long as I wear this t-shirt “.

A situation that made the former Italian interior minister uncomfortable, he apologized before leaving.

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