August 19, 2022


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In anatomy class a medical student realized that he knew the corpse he was analyzing: “We often went out together …”

Some images will not fade whether you like it or not. Enya Ekbe, a Nigerian student at the University of Calabar, describes an event that took place 7 years ago when she went to an anatomy class. The young man collapsed when he saw the body of one of his friends facing him.

He ran screaming and crying from the classroom, no longer supporting his childhood friend being in front of Divine. “We used to go out together. There were two bullet holes in the right side of his chest,” he explained to our colleagues from the BBC.

The young man was able to make contact with the family of the goddess who was looking for him when he was arrested after nightfall. If his relatives eventually recover his body, no circumstances related to the divine death will be known.

According to a BBC correspondent, the incident is a sign of an improper system in the UK. Officially, 90% of bodies of unknown origin are “murdered criminals”, but they are mostly shot by security forces. Professors expect strict laws on the use of bodies together.

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