August 17, 2022


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In Europe, measures to control reported waves are on the rise

If it believes that the tightening of recent health measures in some member states will result in a drastic change in the face of the delta, the EU can rejoice at least at some point: ahead of the United States in terms of population ratio. Who. Have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“The European Union has now vaccinated a large proportion of its population in the first dose (55.5% / 55.4%) than the United States,” said Clement Peon on Twitter, after a long delay in vaccination. . “We continue, we accelerate!”, He added.

The European vaccination strategy, which began slower than in the United Kingdom and the United States, came under criticism earlier this year due to a lack of adequate supplies. The European Commission, which coordinates vaccination orders for 27 member states, was targeted.

Events in France

In Spain, Prime Minister Point Sanchez on Saturday promised that half of the population would be fully vaccinated and reiterated his goal of reaching 70% by the end of the summer.

Following the issuance of the night curfew order in Catalonia, the turn of the Greek island of Mykonos, the symbol of the festive nights, is to re-establish certain restrictions, including a curfew from 1am to 6am.

A Mykonos – Reuters

As of midnight on Saturday, Covit-19 tests were imposed on uninvited passengers from the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and the Netherlands for less than 24 hours. So far 72-hour tests have been accepted, with the exception of those from the UK who have to present a test of less than 48 hours.

France has also expanded its list of “red” countries to include new countries such as Tunisia, Mozambique, Cuba and Indonesia.

Outdoor masking will return to some parts of the east and southwest of the country.

The tightening of health measures announced by President Emmanuel Macron on Monday – especially the extension of the health pass to shops, restaurants, cultural sites, planes or trains and the vaccination duty on certain industries – has provoked outrage among sections of the population.

Several processions marched on Saturday in Paris and several major cities. Mr. Macron condemns the health “dictatorship” imposed by them and acts that they consider independent. However, the latter is accepted by the vast majority of the French population, according to a survey.

Concerned about the “continued existence” of the beta variant first identified in South Africa in France, the British government has decided to submit those who come for isolation despite being vaccinated.

“Very confusing news”

This variant is one of four confusing types identified by the WHO with alpha, gamma and delta.

British Health Minister Sajid Javed announced on Saturday that he had tested positive for Govt-19, two days before the lifting of almost all restrictions in the UK, a restructuring concern over the rise of cases related to the delta variation.

“We will lift all restraining measures on July 19. On the other hand, we will isolate English or double-vaccinated residents returning from France,” says Dr. Madd Lemoine, a hepatology consultant at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

Governments fear a new runaway epidemic of the delta variant, which has already killed four million people worldwide and may force a new turn of the screw at the start of the school year.

The European Disease Agency predicts that there will be a strong improvement in the number of Kovit cases in the coming weeks, with almost five times as many new cases by August 1st. However, the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths should slowly increase, thanks to vaccines, according to the ECDC.

Olympics under observation

In addition to tourist attractions, large crowds raise fears of an outbreak.

The first two cases of athletes in favor of Covit-19 have been reported among residents of the Olympic Village, the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics announced on Sunday (July 23 – August 8) that a third sick athlete living outside the village had been found.

The nationalities and fields used by these athletes are not specified.

Govt Duties, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, opened on Saturday, but was limited to a quota of 60,000 participants, with only Saudis and foreigners living in the country being systematically vaccinated, far from the approximately 2.5 million arrivals worldwide in 2019.

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