June 25, 2022


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In France, Elizabeth Bourne was appointed Prime Minister: Mixed French Press

Le Figaro looks to the future and lists “Building sites“If his appointment is effective, it awaits Ms. Borne.

She must make tough reforms, including pensions, without provoking the anger of the social system.“, The newspaper writes.

Social theft

This social system, humanity, echoes it for its part. “Social damage in Mattignon“On its front page for the Communist daily, unemployment insurance reforms and especially pensions have not been passed.

The real head of government is in Elysee. The Prime Minister is only there to fulfill his wish. The only surprise now can only come from the legislative elections, with the expectation that News will win“, Jean-Luc Mலlenchon’s new popular environmental and social union, ensures daily life.

Regional newspapers have chosen sobriety. Sending title: “Elizabeth was born Prime Minister“; The Ardennes:”Born in Elizabeth Mattignon“And telegraph:”Prime Minister“, With a simple photo of the polytechnic. Ouest-France is in the same order.

Admit one thing: the appointment of a woman is welcome

If the reactions in his post as Minister of Labor are divided, the press agrees on one thing: the appointment of a woman is welcome.

Midi Liber looks at it “Choose the reason“, And happiness”Installation of a woman in Matignon“.”While regrettable, after all, Edith Cresson, who speaks highly of the country’s political practices, has been waiting 31 years.“.

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