October 7, 2022


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In Italy, the sculpture of a woman in a mini dress is controversial: “Male chauvinism is one of the evils of this country”

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte unveiled the statue in Sabri (Campania) last Saturday. Inaugurations like dozens in a year, except this time, this time, the idol-wearing dress was problematic. The young woman represented actually wore only a very tight and almost revealing dress, which did not please everyone. I have to say this girl is nobody. It is the symbol of Spicolatris de Sabri (Sabri’s cleaner), a prominent figure and Italian poet.

“Male chauvinism is one of the evils of Italy”

“It’s a crime against women and the history she should celebrate,” Laura Boldrin of the Democrats immediately responded. “How can companies accept the representation of women as sexual bodies? Male chauvinism is one of the evils of Italy.”

Soon the politician was followed by other women from his party. Together, they asked for the statue to be removed. “Again, we must humiliate the fact that we are represented in the form of a sexual body, without soul and without any connection with the social and political issues of history.”

Spigolatrice di Sapri, however, tells the story of a woman who sided with the oppressor. This poem, written by Luigi Mercantini in 1857, tells of a journey against the Kingdom of Naples.

“This statue does not show the self-determination of a woman who did not go to work against the anti-Bourbon revolution or the oppressor,” the authors of the petition, the women, regret.

“I would have stripped her naked if I could.”

Facing controversy, the artist who created the work responded through his Facebook account. “I’m sorry. I’ve been accused of a lot of things that have nothing to do with me and my story. I tend to cover the human body as little as possible when creating a sculpture. I’m impressed .A woman’s anatomical pride, a great awakening of conscience. “In another post, he took it one step further and admitted that he could have portrayed her completely naked if he could.

He wanted to conclude by saying that the statue had been recognized several times at various stages of its production, as he considered it “useless” to explain it to people who see art “only degenerately.” A statement confirmed by Sabri’s mayor, Antonio Gentile, explained that “no one has complained before.”

For now, the statue is still there.

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