December 8, 2022


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In the Netherlands, two suspected cases from South Africa escape their isolation

The world is resisting itself Omigron variant, The Netherlands, betting on everyone’s responsibility, suspicious cases from South Africa did not prevent them from leaving the hotel in Amsterdam, where they were isolated. Two of them decided to run.

About 600 passengers from Johannesburg and Cape Town hit the Amsterdam airport shipwreck on Friday, just hours after being contacted about a new variant of the South African corona virus.

Two cases of suspicion escape their isolation

The isolation practice was pronounced against South Africa, and the Netherlands decided to urgently test these passengers. 61 of them were diagnosed with Govt-19 infection, Most of them isolated in a hotel in Badhoevedorp. At least 14 passengers were carriers of Omigron, health officials said Monday.

Among those isolated were a 30-year-old Spaniard and a 28-year-old Portuguese woman who were arrested after boarding a flight to Spain.

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Only one of them is confirmed to have corona infection, not knowing if he is suffering from the new variant – as the other chose to go with him in isolation – and is now isolated.In a hospital“Petra Faber, spokeswoman for Harlemmermeer municipality, who is a member of the Badhoevedorp.

Is this considered a crime?

The judiciary is investigating whether what they did was a crime.

Because despite their presumed infection they are not forced to stay in the hotel. Of the 61 victims, he observes, about fifty are isolated on their site. The others were allowed to return home, they did not take public transport and no one else was in danger.

Isolations are usually done on a voluntary basis

In the Netherlands, freedom is a religion, all activities related to infectious diseases, “Isolations are usually done on a voluntary basis, including“This is what the Spanish-Portuguese couple were trying to do,” said GGT spokeswoman Harm Croustra, one of the Dutch health officials.Crazy“, Comments by Harm Crustra.”They are a danger to everyone around them and to our health system in general.

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