December 8, 2022


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In the United States, a teacher infected half of his students with the corona virus for refusing to wear a mask.

The incident happened at a California school last May. The American teacher who was not vaccinated tested positive for the corona virus after showing symptoms for several days. The latter, however, continued to teach throughout the period leading up to her test results. The teacher did not respect the health rules of the application in the school institution. She read many stories to her students without wearing a mask, thereby creating a real bunch within her class, as our colleagues from RTBF say.

Of the 24 students, 12 tested positive, with 80% of them in the first two rows so close to the teacher. Unfortunately, the spread of the virus did not stop there, and in the following weeks, 18 students from another class became infected with the corona virus. Students are not vaccinated because of their young age. Eight additional cases were also identified in the parents, brothers or sisters of the students in question.

According to the official report, the delta variant is in the form of contaminants. This tragic incident is a reminder of the importance of vaccination among teaching staff and respect for health ethics, such as staying home when symptoms occur, ventilating rooms and wearing mouth masks as much as possible.

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