May 16, 2022


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In the United States, tens of thousands of men and women demonstrate to defend their right to abortion.

Viesha Floyd, 31, says he opposes “For future generations of women“.

When it comes to women, consider your own thingHe addresses members of Congress who oppose federal law protecting abortion.We will make that decision and let it be our choice“, She adds.

In the capital, a march of several thousand people must end in front of the Supreme Court building.

In New York, a procession of about 3,000 people was led by Democratic senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and city attorney Letidia James. Mayor Eric Adams was also present at the meeting.


According to organizers, there were 5,000 in Houston, Texas, and 1,000 in Louisville, Kentucky in the southern Conservative state, where only two clinics of the planned parent organization perform abortions.

Thousands of people also protested in Los Angeles.

Even though it is supported by the majority of the population, according to recent polls, the right to abortion has been the most divisive social issue since the historic verdict.Rowe V. WadeJanuary 1973, defending the right of American women to conceive.

The Supreme Court, now firmly rooted in conservatism, has been in turmoil since the beginning of May and the Politico news site revealed a draft ruling granting the US states the right to prohibit or approve abortion if it is accepted as such.

She is expected to make her decision by the end of June on Mississippi law governing the legal deadline for abortion. This deadline is already restricted to 23 states and twenty conservative states have already pledged to make it illegal, even in some rape or rape cases.

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