August 17, 2022


Complete News World

“In this Chinese camp, it’s like my brother turned out to be a ghost. My parents didn’t even recognize him.”

Five years ago, more precisely in April 2016, Ekbar Assad disappeared overnight. The young Uyghur, a Turkish-speaking and Muslim minority in China, was returning to Xinjiang after his stay in the United States, during which time he participated in a valuable program aimed at training future leaders of the planet. For months, his relatives did not ask him, until he learned that he had been sentenced to 15 years in prison and that he had been detained in a Chinese camp. Since then, his older sister, a Harvard graduate, has screamed in his anger and fought to free his brother. Like him, a million Uyghurs are said to be locked up today because of their race. Rayhan Assad, The lawyer, who specializes in human rights, is a guest of Lollipop on Saturday.

Your brother Ekber came to the United States every year as 5,000 foreign nationalsInternational Visitor Leadership Program, A valuable foreign ministry program set up to nurture future leaders. He disappeared three weeks later. What happened ? Does China see him as an enemy because he went to the United States?