October 7, 2022


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India, Russia’s main client, sends a message to Putin: “Time is not for war”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the time has come for that.Not in waron the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on Friday, according to television footage.

Sir, I know the time is not for warAccording to images released by Indian public service broadcaster Doordashan, at the start of their meeting, Mr. Putin to Mr. Modi said. It was the first one-on-one since Russian forces invaded Ukraine. However, Mr Modi emphasized its importance.Democracy, Diplomacy and Dialogue“. The two leaders will discuss”How to advance on the path to peace“, added the Prime Minister of India.

Putin accused Ukraine of stalling the talks

Vladimir Putin, for his part, promised to end “soon“Conflict in Ukraine, Saying Understanding”ConcernsAbout this from India.
Unfortunately, the opposing side, Ukraine’s leadership, refused any negotiation process and indicated that they prefer to achieve their goals through military means on the battlefield.“, the Kremlin leader continued, according to an exchange broadcast on Russian television.

Russian President Vladimir Putin later assured that Russia was in no rush to end its military campaign in Ukraine and that the strategy of Russian forces had not changed and that they would continue to capture territories. “Our offensive operations, in Donbass, do not stop, they advance at a slow pace (…). The plan (activities, teacher’s note) does not require any changes (…) We are not in a hurry“, he said at a press conference from Samarkand after his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister.

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Balance exercise

India has refrained from openly condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has driven up oil and other commodity prices.

New Delhi describes Moscow as “essential pillar“Because of Indian Foreign Policy”Strategic partnershipFor its national security.

Former Indian Ambassador to Russia Pankaj Charan responded to Modi’s comments by saying,Very obvious“Declares Ukrainian Crisis”attracted global attention and created problems for developing countries“.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlighted the difficulty of New Delhi’s balancing act with the West. India has remained deaf to Washington’s calls to condemn Russia, but pursues closer cooperation with the US, including membership of the informal “Quad” alliance with Japan and US Australia.

However, in June, New Delhi co-signed the G7 statement “Respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other states“And continues to invite Russia and Ukraine”Back to the negotiating table“.

Russia acknowledged that China had concerns

The Indian leader’s comments came a day after Mr Putin admitted that China, Russia’s main ally, “Concerns“Regarding the Conflict in Ukraine.”This was a strong message for Russia“, he said on Doordashan channel.As a friend, his suggestion and India’s position is that it should be resolved only through negotiation and diplomacy.“.


Mr Putin visited India late last year, his second foreign trip since the coronavirus pandemic, with a view to strengthening the two countries’ military and energy ties.

New Delhi is the world’s second-largest arms importer after Saudi Arabia, with 49.4% of its purchases coming from Russia between 2016 and 2020, according to Business Standard.

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The South Asian conglomerate of 1.4 billion people, a major consumer of Russian oil, has significantly increased its purchases since the Western embargo.

In contrast, the South Asian giant has dramatically increased its purchases of Russian oil, while Indian refiners are enjoying deep discounts.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba recently blamed India, behind its declared neutrality.to take advantage of“Thus”Sacrifice“Ukrainians and Westerners.